Digital battery voltage meter



Battery charge status Indicator with hour meter and 2 LED screens

Battery charge status graph, voltage / power volume percentage, and running hour counting. It suits for Lead acid battery, SAL battery, and li-ion battery in Electric vehicle, Golf cart, Boat, Sweeper and Forklifts.

Display content:
Battery’s remaining power volume LED bar with four colors (blue, green, yellow, red)
Battery’s voltage (V)
Battery’s charging percentage (%)
Hours count (H)

Display: 10 LED Bar (1 blue,4 green.3 yellow.2 red LEDs) + 3 digital number
Operating voltage: 5-100V
Operating current: Lower than 20mA
Working temperature: -20̊C to 85̊C
Dimension: housing case 60mm, cutout 50-52mm, U clamp:62x25x10mm


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