Reliance PowerBank 36V/48V-12V Voltage Reducer/Converter (Universal Fit)





DC/DC voltage reducer/converter to reduce your 48-volt or 36-volt electric cart to 12 volts to run all of your accessories. Connects to entire battery pack instead of just one or two batteries, which improves the life of the batteries. No more having to install separate buss bars to split power. Installing accessories is as simple as crimp and go.


  • Works with 48-volt and 36-volt applications
  • Powder-coated aluminum housing with heat dissipating design
  • Includes wiring pigtail for installation
  • 6 dedicated 12-volt power outputs greatly simplifying installation of multiple electronic accessories
  • Will work on all 12-volt accessories such as Headlights & Taillights, Radios & Fans


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